Friday, May 26, 2017

I Wanna Kill Your Queen

I want to start a chess club. 

I’m going to start a chess club
and if you want to be in the chess club
then you can be in the chess club.

Just come to my house
and play chess with me
and then that’s how 
you get to be in my chess club.

We can have snacks.
We can listen to music.

But I’m the only one 
who gets to pick the music 
because I’m the President 
and because it’s my chess club 
because I’m the one who started it
and actually I’m not the President anymore
because I’m the King,
the King of the chess club.

Do you like the Violent Femmes?
If you’ve never heard of them, that’s OK.
I can just play their music 
and if you don’t like the Violent Femmes
then maybe you should quit my chess club 
because that’s the only music 
I want to listen to.

And you shouldn’t get mad
if I kill your queen
because if I can kill your queen
then I’m going to do it.

I’m going to slit her throat.
I'll watch the blood run down, down, down, 
making a delightful sight of Her Majesty's royal gown.

I’m like a hungry lion.

We meet Friday nights at nine.

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