Sunday, June 11, 2017

I Also Like Clams

I like to sit in my house 
and sleep in my house
and water the potted plants in my house

but I don’t always like to water the plants
because sometimes the spray bottle malfunctions 
and sometimes I don’t wanna walk around
to get to the needy plants.
Maybe I should replace them with plastic plants.
One of these days I really might do that.

I just want to sit down in my house
and lay down in my house
and enter into other body positions,
all of which are comfortable,
on various pieces of furniture,
all of which are fluffy,
as I drift between wakefulness and sleep,
sleep and wakefulness.

My goal is to become inert.
Is that so much to ask?

And I don’t wanna go to work
because I don’t like working
but I have to go to work
so I can pay for this house 
that I like to sit in so much.

And maybe that’s how it is for you too.

You know what my favorite animal is?
The sloth.

I also like clams.
Most of the time they sit around doing nothing
and I hear they’re happy.

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