Friday, September 1, 2017


No, it’s not a typo.
In San Tan Valley there’s a street named Germann
and it’s spelled G-E-R-M-A-N-N
with that superfluous “N” at the end
and as if the spelling wasn’t crazy enough
the way people pronounce it is the same
as the word “germane”
so it rhymes with “lion’s mane,”
and “ankle sprain,” and “insane”
as well as a lot of others words
like cane and rain and stain and brain
and grain and pain and crane and train
and oh boy when I list words that rhyme
I always have a good time.
And it’s kinda funny that Germann rhymes with “insane”
because both the spelling
and the pronunciation of “Germann” are insane
if you want my opinion.
And since I’m a poet
and not an etymologist
or a linguistic anthropologist
or even a guy with the motivation
to google “why did they name it Germann?”
I’ll give you my opinion
and every once in a while I’ll rhyme,
but not now.
So though I can’t explain
why it’s called “Germann,”
I can offer a few observations
some might consider insightful,
such as:
The name of the street at first is weird,
but the street itself isn’t weird.
The street is consistent, comfortable, reliable,
and I dare to say it’s motherly.
It’ll take you where you want to go.
I live around Germann, so I should know. 
And if you live around Germann long enough
or drive on the street with enough regularity
or associate with enough people
who are also familiar with Germann,
or if you look up and see the green sign
with “Germann” printed on it enough times
then you’ll think the name is perfect.
But most likely you won’t think about the name at all,
just like you don’t think about the word “bike”
when you ride a bike in the morning
of a bright and beautiful day.
“Germann” only sounds weird
if you stop to think about it,
which is okay to do occasionally,
but don’t do it too much while you drive
because you need to pay attention to the road.

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