Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Right Amount of Pity

I drove over a hundred miles today,
on the way from San Tan Valley to Payson.
I make this trip a lot. I know the way
without getting directions from my phone.
I drove on Ocotillo, Ironwood, the 60,
the 202 North, a.k.a. the Red Mountain Freeway,
got in the right lane, exited on University,
left on Ellsworth, kept going all the way 
until Ellsworth became Usery Pass Road,
and then it was Bush Highway and the Beeline,
a left on Longhorn, down a dirt road.
I parked at last by ponderosa pines.
This is where I’ll sleep tonight, here, in a tent.
I drove and drove and drove because
the wilderness called me, so, I went.
I knew where refreshment was.
Here, I’m like a housebroken dog returning to the wild.
Here, I’m like a big-feathered bird who left the city.
Nature is rightly called “Mother”. I am its child.
Here, I consider the dying with the right amount of pity.

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